• New chain Lube!

    A few of you asked for us to stock the Tru-Tension Banana Slip Chain Lube, well we listened and now it's here!
  • L-plates back In Stock!

    Finally after some time we have the Bolt on L-plates for the front & rear back in stock.
  • New DRK-01 Section!

    We now have a Parts Section for the new Mutt DRK-01 Motorcycles! Please use the parts by model feature to see what parts we currently stock. Thanks!
  • 1,000 subs!

    Woohoo! We hit our first goal of 1,000 subscribers! Thanks to all of you who have watched, subscribed, shared, liked & commented. We will contu...
  • New Royal Enfield Section!

    We are now developing parts for the Royal Enfields we will continue to add new products, to see whats new please subscribe to our monthly newslette...
  • New Series!

    We have a New Youtube series out now, see the first episode of the series below, also if you haven't then please watch, like, comment & subscri...
  • New Videos!

    We have been filming a mini series where we carry out repairs on a Herald Classic 125. We have filmed the first 2 episodes,  and in the process of ...
  • New Bullit Bluroc 250 Section!

    We are now stocking parts for the Bullit Bluroc 250 with more parts to come!
  • New Maverick 250 Section

    We have a new Herald Maverick 250 section and are in the process of developing parts for this bike stay tuned...
  • Another Shadowfoam Project!

    We have done another shadowfoam project! A video is in development so stay tuned, if you haven't already then please subscribe to our youtube chann...
  • New Youtube video

    We have finished EP3 of Resurrection Workshop and it's now ready to watch
  • Royal Enfield Parts

    We now stock parts for Royal Enfield, we are currently developing more parts for these bikes and are also expanding our model range soon. Stay tune...