HF202 Oil Filter
HF202 Oil Filter

HF202 Oil Filter

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Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TÜV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.


Fits the following models


Honda Motorcycle

CBR400 RG,RH-YA Aero (Japan) Japan

NV400 Custom (Japan)NC26Japan

VF400 FC (Japan) Japan

VF400 F2E (Japan) Japan

VF400 FD 83-86

VFR400 ZG,RG,RG-YA,ZH (Japan)NC21Japan

VF500 C-V30 Magna 84-85

VF500 FD,FE,F2E PC12 84-85

VF500 FF,F2F 85-87

VT500 FT Ascot 83-84

VT500 C Shadow 83-86

VT500 ED Eurosport 83-85

VT500 EF Eurosport 86-88

CB700 SC Nighthawk (USA) USA84-86

VF700 C Magna (USA) USA84-86

VF700 C Magna (USA) USA87

VF700 F Interceptor (USA) USA84-85

VF700 S Sabre (USA) USA84-85

VFR700 F,F2 Interceptor (USA) USA86-88

VT700 C Shadow (USA) USA84-85

VT700 C Shadow (USA) USA86-87

CBX750 FE,FG,F2G RC17 84-86

VF750 C V45 Magna RC09 82-83

VF750 C V45 Magna 87-89

VF750 S V45 Sabre RC07 82-83

VF750 FD,FE,FF RC15 83-85

VFR750 FG,FH RC24 86-87

VT750 C Shadow 83

VT800 Shadow 88

VF1000 FE,FF,F2F SC15 84-85

VF1000 RESC16 84

VF1000 RF,RG SC16 85-86

VF1000 F Interceptor 84-85

VF1100 C V65 Magna 82-86

VF1100 CD,CE 83-84

VF1100 S V65 Sabre 84-85

VT1100 C Shadow 87-88

Kawasaki Motorcycle

EX400 A3,A4 (GPZ400S) (Japan) Japan89-90

EN450 A1-A6 (454 LTD) 85-90

EX500 A1-A4 (GPZ500 S) 87-89

VN700 A1,A1L,A2,LTD Vulcan 84-85

VN750 A2-A7 Vulcan 86-91

VN750 A9-A14 Vulcan 93-98