EGR Blanking Kit (YBR125)

EGR Blanking Kit (YBR125)

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EGR Valves recirculate exhaust fumes back into the airbox to reduce emissions (to pass euro 3 emmisions tests) our kit allows you to remove the EGR valve completely resulting in increased power, better throttle response, cleaner intake, less clutter and reduction in weight (due to removing the egr valve)

our kit is high quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and looks great!

fitting instuctions: remove egr valve, follow pipe from egr valve to engine then remove bolts and fit plate, follow small hose from egr valve to intake duct or carburetor and fit small bung, follow large hose from egr valve to airbox and fit large bung.

our kit consists of:
x1 stainless steel blanking plate (30mm between mount points)
x2 stainless steel bolts
x1 vacuum bung
x1 airbox bung