EBC Brake Pads FA347HH

EBC Brake Pads FA347HH

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Designed to offer the optimum braking performance for road use for your superbike. The Double-H Superbike pad are a high friction compound to offer you the best stopping power. Even with the higher friction compound EBC have made sure that the pads do not eat away at the discs which enhances the life of your Rotors. In some applications the Double H sintered pads are fitted with stainless steel radiator plates to reduce heat transfer to the brake system.

Fits the following models:


RS 125 (Radial caliper) 04-07 F

NSF 250 R 12-13 F


Z 800 E (Z 800 DDS - ABS Model) 13 F

Z 800 (Z 800 ADS - Non ABS) 13 F

Z 800 (Z 800 BDS ABS Model) 13 F

ZX9R (ZX 900 F1/F2) 02-04 F

Z 1000 (ZR 1000 A1/A2/A3) 03-05 F


GSX 1300 BKK8/BKK9/BKL0/BKL1 B-King 08-12 F


TZ 250 (Radial Caliper) 02-10 F


MD 250 H/S 08-13 F


Daytona 675 06-08 F

Street Triple 675 R 09-13 F

Speed Triple (1050cc) (Nissin Radial caliper) 05-07 F

Tiger 1050 (radial caliper) 07-12 F

Tiger SE - ABS (1050cc) 10-13 F

Triple Sport 1050cc 13 F


Hammer 08-11 F

Hammer S 08-12 F

Cory Ness Jackpot 08-10 F

Cory Ness Victory Cross Country 11-12 F

Cross Country 10-12 F

Cross Country Tour 12 F

Cross Roads 10-12 F

Hammer 8 Ball 10-11 F

Hard Bll 12-13 F

Highball 12 F

Jackpot 10-11 F

King Pin 08-12 F

Kingpin Tour 08-09 F

Kingpin 8-Ball 08-11 F

Kingpin Low 09 F

Vegas 8-Ball 08-12 F

Vegas 08-12 F

Vegas Low 08-09 F

Vegas Jackpot 08-09 F

Zach Ness Vegas 11-12 F