EBC Brake Pads FA254

EBC Brake Pads FA254

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The EBC organic pad is a direct replacement for OE brake pads. The main difference is that the Organic compound is kinder to the Brake Rotors whilst having a brake feel that is preferred by many motorcyclist around the world. The Organic brake pad is manufactured to have expansion grooves which reduce noise pollution and prevents cracking.

The EBC organic brake pad is ECE R90 approved which means that its tried and tested to offer safer braking than other brake pad compounds.

Fits the following models:


CB 400 SFX/SFY/SF1/SF2/SF3 Super Four 99-03 F

VT 750 C2SA/C25B Shadow (Rear disc model/ABS)

17” front wheel 10-12 R

X4’ CB 1300 DCV (5C38) 97- R

CB 1300 FW/FX/FY/F1 (SC40) 98-01 R


ZX-7RR (ZX750 N1/N2) 96-99 R

GTR 1400 (ZG 1400 A8F/A9F/CAF/CBF/CCF/CDF) 08-13 R

ZZR 1400 (ZX 1400 A6F/A7F) 06-07 R

ZZR 1400 ABS (ZX 1400 B7F) 07 R

ZZR 1400 ABS (ZX 1400 D8F/D9F/DAF/DBF/FCF/FDF) 08-13 R


1000 S 03-07 R

1000 SF 05-07 R

1000 SFX 07 R

1000 ST 07 R


GSXR 600 K4/K5 04-05 R

GSF 650 SK5/SK6 Faired Bandit Non ABS 05-06 R

GSF 650 K5/K6 Naked Bandit Non ABS 05-06 R

GSXR 750 K4/K5 04-05 R

GSXR 1000 K1/K2/K3/K4/K5/K6 01-06 R

GSF 1200 SSK1/ZK1 (GV78A) 02 R

GSX 1400 K1/K2/K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/FE 01-07 R