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HF132 Oil Filter
HF132 Oil Filter

HF132 Oil Filter

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Premium Oil Filters

Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TÜV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.

Fits the following models

Arctic Cat ATV

250 Arctic Cat 99-05

300 Arctic Cat 98-05

Betamotor Motorcycle

125 Alp 4T 00-05

200 Alp 4T 00-15

200 Urban / Urban Special 08-16

Kawasaki Motorcycle

KH125 L1, K1-K10 (EX) 03-06

KLX125 L B1,B2,B6F 03-06

Suzuki ATV

LT-F160 M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W 91-98

LT-F160 X,Y,K1,K2 99-02

LT160 K3,K4 Quadrunner 03-04

LT230 GEF,GEG 85-87

LT230 SF,SG,SH,SJ 85-88

LT-F230 G,H 86-87

LT230 E- H,J,K,L,M,N,P 86-93

LT250 EF,EFF,EFG 85-86

LT-F250 J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y,K1,K2 Quadrunner 88-02

LT-F250 K3,K4,K5,K6,K7,K8,K9,L0-L6 Ozark 03-16

LT-Z250 K4,K5,K6,K7,K8,K9 Quadsport 04-09

LT 4WD H,J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X 87-99

LT-F 4WD X M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W King Quad 91-99

LT300 EH,EJ,EK 87-89

LT-F300F King Quad 00-02

Suzuki Motorcycle

DR125 SE Raider SF44A 85-96

DR125 SJ 97

DR125 SE,X,Y 98-00

DR-Z125 K3-K9,L0-L6 03-16

DR-Z125 L K3-K9,L0-L8 03-18

RV125 K3,K4,K5,K6 Van Van 03-06

RV125 K7,K8,K9,L0-L6 Van Van 07-16

SP125 G,H,J 86-88

DR200 S- G,H,J,K,L,M 86-91

DR200 S-L5,L6,L7,L8 15-18

DR200 SE-T,V,W,X,Y,K1,K2,K3,K4,K5,K6,K7,K8,K9,L0-L4 96-14

RV200 Van Van 16-18

Suzuki Scooter

AN250 Burgman 99-07

AN400 Burgman 99-06

SYM Scooter

400i Max Sym 11-15

600i Max Sym 16

Yamaha Scooter

CP250 Morphous (USA) USA 06-08

YP400 Majesty (1st Air Filter) 5RU,34B 04-14

YP400 Majesty (2nd Air Filter) 5RU,34B 04-14

YP400 Majesty (Crankcase Filter) 5RU,34B 04-14

YP400 R/RA X-Max (1st Air Filter) 1SD 13-18

YP400 R/RA X-Max (2nd Air Filter) 13-18

YP400 R/RA X-Max (Crankcase Filter) 13-18